Who we are

We are a group of scientists at the University of Colorado Anschutz who volunteer to do science education outreach activities in our local community. Started by a group of postdoctoral researchers in 2014 with funding from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Young Hands in Science has grown each year and has brought fun, hands-on science activities to hundreds of students in Aurora and Denver. 


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Diversity in STEM

Increasing diversity in STEM is incredibly important. STEM jobs have increased by 79% since 1990, with more than 25 million scientists and engineers employed in the United States today. Less than half of scientists in the United States are women, and only 7% are black and 8% are Hispanic. Diversity is crucial in science and the workplace; diverse teams problem-solve better, are more objective, and companies with greater diversity make more money. An early exposure to hands-on science is crucial for children to consider careers in STEM, and yet many schools do not have the resources or funding to achieve this. Young Hands in Science aims to increase diversity in STEM by bringing the University of Colorado's resources and scientists directly into local classrooms to ensure all students in our community have access to hands-on science lessons. 

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Our funding

Interested in donating to Young Hands in Science or becoming a sponsor? Please email us at younghands@ucdenver.edu


Meet Our Executive Board


Madeline Keleher

Madeline studies cells from umbilical cords of babies born to mothers who were normal weight or obese when they became pregnant. Outside the lab she loves hiking, crafting, cooking, and photography.

Curriculum Director:

Josselyn Garcia Perez

Jossy works on mechanistic and translational questions in human immunology using high-dimensional single-cell mass cytometry and ex-vivo cellular manipulation. Her goal is to understand healthy immune function, and dysregulated immune processes in immunodeficiency.

Volunteer Coordinator:

Nicole Rumian

Nikki is a neuroscientist investigating how certain protein modifications to CaMKII may alter cognition, learning, and memory. Outside of lab, you can find her at a Red Rocks show, rain, snow, or shine. 

Volunteer Coordinator:

Rachel Hill

Rachel is a graduate student in the D’Alessandro lab, where she studies the metabolism of leukemic stem cells. Outside of the lab, Rachel enjoys making embroidery art and playing with her dog.

Social Media Director:

Rosemary McDonald

Rosie studies the brain hormones that control the reproductive system and how they change with age and between genders. One hobby she enjoys outside of the lab is spending time with her dog, Blazey and her cat Taco (pictured here)!

Director of Finance:

Thomas Forman

Thomas is interested in regenerative medicine and when he’s not researching you can catch him training for a triathlon!





Director of Online Education:

Alexa Silva

Alexa develops methods for the expansion of specific immune cells across species to combat diseases, and hopes to go to PA school. Outside the lab, she loves to paint, explore and do outdoorsy things, and travel both domestic and abroad. 

School Outreach Coordinator:

Breanna Symmes

Breanna Symmes is a 4th-year postdoctoral fellow who is passionate about helping other people to understand and appreciate Biology. 

Young Hands in Science, sponsored by University of Colorado Anschutz

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